The Lads Guide - Probably the sexiest travel guide in the world, clubs, beaches and babes. Warning obscene amount of booty. Not for girls.

BlokesOnly - Everything a Bloke could ever require in one website, girls, games, sport, cars and adrenalin activities! Map - Dedicated to everything that makes men. From bikini babes, to personal shavers, to liberator sex cushions, to interesting articles and features on beautiful women. Find it all here. Map

savilerow-style - Only magazine covering Savile Row tailoring, and luxury style for men. Information on tailors, design, textiles and grooming for men, as well as top drinks, luxury travel, cars, yachts, exclusive gifts,culture and much more.

Shave Magazine - Shave Magazine is a free online magazine for men. It contains advice, tips, tricks, answers, and interest articles.

Blokely - Blokely is an independent men's lifestyle platform, only available online (known as "pure play"). Featuring entertainment news and film reviews, grooming and fashion reviews plus much more! Map